Flexible Schedule

As a contractor, you have the flexibility to set your own schedule. From part time to full-day opportunities (bus aide to paraprofessional to cafeteria to bus aid), you have control.

Weekly Pay

Compensation is paid out every Friday. Whether you worked from Monday to Friday or you just worked on Friday, you will be compensated ON FRIDAY!

Highest Pay Scale

We pay the highest rates in the state. In addition, we pay $100 bonuses at the successful completion of 30 assignments.

Temp to Perm

With a 50% permanent placement rate within schools, achieving your goal of working directly for districts is not far off with PASS as your door of entry.

Why PASS is the Best Fit for You

As the leading community based education staffing provider, PASS is here to help you. Here is why PASS is the only option for you:

  • Highest pay scale in the state 
  • Per diem and Long Term Assignments
  • We pay bonuses for each educator that is referred to our system.
  • Full day opportunities (bus aid to paraprofessional to cafeteria aid to bus aid)
  • 50% permanent placement rate directly with school districts 


POSITIONS - click title for details

Substitute Teachers are responsible for operating a safe, orderly, and positive classroom environment while the regular teacher is absent. They must follow the teacher’s lesson plans, as well as school policies and procedures, to provide effective instruction for students.

Classroom Assistants (also known as teacher’s aides and instructional assistants) help teachers with a wide range of administrative tasks including setting up and cleaning up activities, copying and preparing materials, marking tests, and guiding students through the building in an organized fashion. They also serve as instructional reinforcement by providing more individualized academic assistance to students who require extra help with grasping a concept.

Personal Care Assistants help teachers with the education and training of a child who has
special needs with a focus on self-sufficiency, communication, interpersonal, and mobility skills. They attend to the student’s personal needs, monitor health issues, assist with the use of augmentative technology, and create an environment to best support the student’s success.

One-to-One Assistants follow a particular student with special needs throughout the school
day to support the student’s academic, physical, social, behavioral, and personal needs. They ensure all measures within a student’s IEP/504 plan are being met, track and record student progress, and collaborate with teachers, administration, and child study team members.

Transportation Aides assist the school bus driver in providing a safe, orderly, and efficient transportation service by supporting the needs of students during routine activities and emergency situations. They effectively supervise and manage the behavior of students and often provide support for an individual or group of students with special needs or disabilities.

Cafeteria Aides maintain proper student behavior in the cafeteria while assisting students with their lunches, promoting good manners and eating habits, and helping to keep the cafeteria clean and safe. They facilitate the organized entry and dismissal of students and help resolve any issues in a positive manner.

Playground Aides ensure the safe and orderly operation of the playground during school recess periods by alertly circulating around the grounds and eliminating hazardous situations. They supervise students, enforce school rules, promote appropriate student behavior, resolve any problems that may arise, and organize students for school reentry in a systematic manner.

Hall Monitors supervise school corridors, entryways, and grounds to ensure a safe environment for students and staff. They patrol the halls, making sure students get to classes on time and restoring order if rowdy situations occur. They also direct visitors and compile security

Before & After School Aides provide supervision of the before and after school childcare program, making sure that children are safe at all times in both indoor and outdoor areas. They help students with homework and oversee a variety of fun learning activities.

Clerical Personnel perform a wide range of administrative tasks including answering phones; providing information for callers and visitors; maintaining schedules, records, and files; distributing mail; and directing students. They ensure the orderly operation of the school offi

Food Service Staff assist with all areas of a school’s food service operation. They perform tasks such as preparing and serving food; sanitizing equipment, work stations, and serving areas; ensuring proper food storage and disposal; keeping records and maintaining inventory.

Administrators work in various roles to ensure the proper functioning of operations at the school or district level.

Job Coaches work with and monitor young adult students who have special needs to help them gain valuable on-the-job experience at local host organizations. They assist students with their duties on-site to help students develop skills and work towards independence.

Job Coaches work with and monitor young adult students who have special needs to help them gain valuable on-the-job experience at local host organizations. They assist students with their duties on-site to help students develop skills and work towards independence.

Substitute Counselors provide guidance services for students in group and individual settings. They implement programs addressing decision-making, conflict resolution, self-esteem, coping strategies, and more. They act as the school-based resource for drop-out prevention, substance abuse, pregnancy, homelessness, and crisis prevention/intervention. Additionally, they provide guidance on post-high school planning, career exploration, and family/peer relationships.

Speech and Language Pathologists conduct one-on-one or small group speech/language therapy sessions, integrating the student’s curriculum into their services. They consult with other school staff members, perform assistive technology evaluations, and assess each student’s strengths and needs. They also collect data and maintain accurate records of all services provided.

Physical Therapists develop and implement physical therapy programs for students suspected of or diagnosed with a physical disability. Using excellent problem-solving skills, they must analyze risk and use sound professional judgment to recommend action, provide services, and make environmental modifications. They consult with various school staff members and keep thorough records.

Occupational Therapists promote the physical and mental well-being of students in need. They address physical, cognitive, psycho-social, and sensory components of performance, focusing on academics, social-participation, self-care, and work skills. They consult with various school staff members and keep thorough records.


Our opportunities provide an entrance into the education system that has the potential to lead to permanent positions directly with districts and schools. From daily and long-term substitutes to permanent school support staff, we have positions at school districts across New Castle County that fit every schedule and level of experience. With so many options, finding a role that fits in with your career and lifestyle goals is possible.  

Serving your community with PASS means an opportunity to make a difference in community you know and love while helping students succeed.