Community Based 

Our pool of qualified staff come from the immediate community your schools are located. This one strategy alone ensures immediate positive responses and smooth integration of our staffers into your schools.


PASS is results focused from the leadership team to every level of our staffers. Our commitment is to ensure your internal climate and achievement goals are met.


Working with your staff in a partnership capacity helps us to set the tone for our placement staff. We view this relationship as true partnership on every level.

Relationship Driven

95% of our staffers come through PASS through referrals. This translates into a higher level of accountability and success rates as well as relationships with the students we serve.

What Sets Us Apart

PASS Educators is the leading provider of substitute and permanent staffing in Delaware’s educational system. We specialize in providing local community-based substitutes who are committed to establishing relationships with the students we serve. Our complete wraparound service “from the bus to the classroom and back” provides stability for both students and their families.

SITE MANAGERS – Game changer for school climate

What sets us apart from the competition is our dedication to the success of the student as well as the schools we serve. Our framework is to staff each school with site managers, who act as the liaison for school administration and the student. Their presence provides a sense of consistent support to students who they become to know and trust. The site manager is well equipped to ensure the proper placement of staff who will prove to be a good fit for your school. See our Process and Track Record below:

Our extensive service list includes but is not limited to:

  • Substitute Teachers
  • Early Intervention Staff
  • Reading Specialists
  • Secretaries/Clerical Staff
  • Principals
  • Administrators
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Head Start Teachers
  • Receptionists
  • Educational Interpreters
  • Teacher’s Assistants
  • Instructional Assistants
  • One-to-One Aides
  • Transportation Aides
  • Lunch & Recess Aides
  • Classroom Aides
  • ESL Aides
  • School Nurses
  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Speech Therapists
  • School Counselors
  • Food Service Workers
  • Hall Monitors
  • Media Center Specialists
  • Before & After School Staff
  • Summer Program Staff
  • IT Specialists
  • ABA Trainers
  • Library Staff

PASS is dedicated to the education and quality of life for the students within your schools. We overdeliver whether your district needs substitute teachers, bus aides, counselors, clerks or anything in between. Our programs fill daily, long-term, and permanent positions in K-12 schools throughout the the state of DE.  From one- day placements, to day-to-day absences to permanent vacancies, we provide community based, highly-qualified and well-trained talent that have a positive impact on the school climate they serve.

Daily Substitutes

Because we are community based we are able to fill last minute call-outs with ease. Our dedicated staff commit to work extended hours to ensure your needs are filled.

Long-Term Substitutes

When teachers and staff are absent for extended periods, it’s important to place candidates with the specific certifications, skills, and experience to seamlessly carry out the role. By niche recruiting for talent with high-demand and less common certifications, we’re prepared to cover even the hardest-to-fill assignments.

Permanent Employees

Our success rate with transitioning Substitute Staff into permanent placement within the schools they are serving in is unparalleled.  In addition, PASS is equipped to place permanent staff into support positions such as paraprofessionals and secretaries. The resources we extend to our staffing candidates allow us to empower them for success within your schools. 


We look forward to crafting a personalized community based staffing plan for your District

Looking for a rewarding job serving community youth?